Residential Development

If you are developing in a residential environment Urbis can provide you with assistance and advice. 

The residential environment can present a number of issues due to the potential sensitivity of the surrounding area. Whether it is design advice, neighbours consents, or Council consultation the Urbis team can give your project an edge and ensure success.  

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If your project is in a residential zone then Urbis can help you with all stages of the consenting process

Rural Residential

Development in rural areas is unique because of the sensitivity of the environment. Urbis has the experience and knowledge to help you navigate the consenting process. 

Travelers  Accommodation

Hotels, B&B's, motels and backpackers can have unique requirements when it comes to the consenting process. Urbis has experience navigating these requirements and preparing successful consent applications. 


Your Project

It is your project.

Urbis can help take your project from a concept to a reality. Our input and advice from the design stage, to completion and beyond will ensure your project is a success.

Not sure if we can assist?

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