At Urbis our highly experienced team can provides a range of services to help make your project a success. With experience in traffic planning, engineering, and resource management we can help you find the right solution for your project. 

Your Project

It is your project.

Urbis can help take your project from a concept to a reality. Our input and advice from the design stage, to completion and beyond will ensure your project is a success.

Not sure if we can assist?

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Development Advice

The Urbis team can provide you with development advice at any stage of a project.


Whether this is the initial assessment or providing planning and design advice to architects, engineers or lawyers, Urbis can give you the necessary advice to ensure your project is a success.

Resource Consent Applications

Urbis can assist you with an applications for resource consent. We have years of experience and have successfully applied for consents for a variety of projects.

Traffic Engineering 

Urbis has a team of experienced and efficient traffic engineers who can provide a range of services for any of you traffic engineering needs. 

Expert Witnesses

Our wealth of experience allows the Urbis team to provide expert witness statements in a number of scenarios including notified consents, the environment court, plan changes and more

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Transport Planning

Transportation Planning

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Council Consent Processing

Urbis has been contracted by a number of Councils in order to assist with their consenting process. 

Signing a Contract
RMA Commissioner

The Urbis team can provide you with a certified RMA Commissioner.