Transportation Planning

The Council consent process is an area where Urbis has a wealth of experience available for our clients. Our team has years of experience working with councils from all over New Zealand on a wide range of projects.


Our involvement with various Councils means that we have a tried and true method for addressing and mitigating any potential issues in the consenting process. The Urbis method is detail oriented and with an emphasis on client involvement so all parties achieve the best possible result.

If you need assistance with the consent process then contact Urbis for advice.

Parking Lot
Parking Studies

The Urbis team can undertake parking studies and recommend solutions to ensure that your parking areas have been designed in the most efficient way possible. 

Road Network Effects

Large developments can have an impact on the surrounding road network. Urbis' traffic engineers have the latest software in order to fully understand the effect your project may have on the surrounding road network.

Image by Samuel Agbetunsin
Intersection Modelling

The Urbis team is able to develop, design and model a wide range of potential intersections and find the design solution that best fits your requirements.